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Low Fat

Dairygold’s specialty cheese facility, nestled on Ireland’s south coast in Mogeely, combines tradition and passion to create a unique variety of cheese products.

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Product Description

We use the purest ingredients, along with artisan cheese-making expertise and technical skill to produce a variety of world-class cheese.

Low Fat is a reduced fat cheese with only 10% fat and enhanced calcium levels. It has a smooth texture and a piquant flavour, which is typical of Italian hard cheese. Our expert cheese makers have drawn on decades of experience to develop this quality ‘healthy option’ with reduced fat and increased calcium for bone health, without compromising on flavour.


Application tests show that Low Fat is a very versatile cheese that can be cubed or shaved for use in salads to replace feta (21% fat), Parmesan (28% fat) and Regato (20% fat). It’s close texture and ability to melt makes it an excellent low fat option for cheese sauces and pizzas to replace Cheddar in a Mozzarella mix (Cheddar 32% fat vs Callow 10% fat).



Through specialist state-of-the-art manufacturing technology Dairygold’s Low Fat is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of modern manufacturing environments, rigorous accreditation standards and demanding consumer tastes. Functionality and flavour are our key focus areas. These attributes are available in a variety of product solutions from a simple block of cheese through to grated, sliced, diced and bowl chop for complete ease of use. Its close texture makes it excellent for slicing and as a versatile ingredient in salads and pasta dishes. Its ability to melt makes it an excellent low fat option for cheese sauce and pizza to replace Cheddar in Mozzarella mix.


  • 2012

    Our Entry to the 2012 PAPA awards, for our Callow Cheese was announced the winner of the PAPA Technical Excellence Award in 2012.