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Produced in Dairygold’s specialty cheese facility, nestled on Ireland’s south coast in Mogeely, combines tradition and passion to create a unique variety of cheese products.

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We use the purest ingredients, along with artisan cheese-making expertise and technical skill to produce a variety of world-class cheese.

Mallo® cheese has complex piquant flavours, subtle nutty, fruity back notes, and a slightly granular texture, which are all characteristics of a premium Italian Parmigiano Reggiano. Our expert cheese-makers have drawn on decades of experience to perfect the unique flavour and structure of Mallo® by combining a traditional recipe with a carefully controlled maturation process.


The exceptional structure and outstanding flavour of Mallo is the basis for its versatility in numerous applications, including pastas, risottos and as a garnish in a range of dishes, soups and sauces.



Functionality and flavour are our key focus areas. These attributes are available in a variety of product solutions, from a simple block of cheese through to grated, diced and bowl chop, for complete ease of use.