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Agri & Retail

Our Agri & Retail sectors are important pillars of our co-operative. They provide expert support and advice, and competitively-priced, quality products to our farmers and communities. Both the agri and retail businesses of Dairygold have been assisting our farmers for decades to maximise the quality of their land, feed and production. This, in turn, increases their profits and improves the quality of their raw materials.

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Agri Business

Dairygold operates a premium agri-business for all our farmer customers. Our business, one of Ireland’s leading agri traders, is based in the Golden Valleys of Munster. We focus on a combination of grain-intake, milling, feed, fertiliser and farm inputs, for our customers. Our farmer’s cows are not only grazed on nutrient- rich grass but their diets are supplemented with a range of high quality feeds produced in our Milling Operation.

We focus on value and quality, providing competitively –priced agricultural inputs, expert advice and support services. Our agri-business is built on trust, quality, and integrity, with our focus on assisting farmers achieve maximum results from their enterprise. The foundation of our business lies in our focus on working in partnership with our members to capitalise on their natural resources by offering the right technical advice and support.

We focus on the sustainability of our farmer customers by providing them with wide range of top quality feeds and farm inputs. This focus on high quality sustainable farming ensures Dairygold’s processed cheese and dairy ingredients are produced to the highest standard.

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Retail Network
Retail Network

Retail Network

Dairygold’s retail business operates 26 stores across the Golden Valleys of Munster under the Co-Op SuperStores and Co-Op Stores brands. The retail sector of the co-operative has been serving our communities for over 100 years.

Though the stores have grown from being traditionally farm focused to stocking a comprehensive range of paint and décor, household and DIY items, hardware, plumbing, building, heating, electrical, fuel and gardening.

We have always had a strong customer and community focus, offering expert support and advice to the locality. Our new website which was shortlisted for Retail Excellence Ireland Website of the Year 2017, offers our extensive range of farm home and garden to customers nationwide.

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